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The Garden & Orchard

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“Moon gardening is not about doing more work, it’s about doing the right work. It’s all about the core principles, taking a step back now and again and not rushing, and in learning from what you see. Moon gardening makes you more thoughtful and observant in general. And if you are prepared to see, a garden will always tell you what you need to know.” JH

Built in 1886, discover the delights of one
of the finest Victorian Kitchen Gardens in Cornwall, a county with a rich diversity of garden attractions and scenery. 

The garden surrounding the house is set in 22 acres with lawns, ornamental lake, paths through camellia woods, orchards, and a fine walled organic vegetable garden. 

Mr John Harris has been head Gardener at Tresillian House since 1984 often referred to as A National Treasure he is the backbone of the estate and a hugely experienced gardener, author and presenter of BBC Radio Cornwall’s gardening programme.

Guests are free to wander the private grounds but John will happily give guests an informative and enjoyable tour of the grounds and garden. Flowers, fruits and vegetables are grown to supply guests staying in the house.


John first started gardening when he was ten, a life devoted to learning and teaching the natural ways to get the most from the soil. He has been Moon Gardening for over forty years and says patience and care are the main ingredients.

Tresillian Orchard currently has more than 110 apple trees, a few medlars and some rare Cornish plum trees thriving in it.


Friends of Tresillian House

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Image by Marissa Price
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